Word to eBook Conversion

Oftentimes, eBook publishers require that the documents you send them conform to strict specifications. If your document does not meet their requirements, your final eBook will be full of conversion-induced errors. You're forced to tweak your formatting and re-upload your Word document. After you do this a couple of times, you'll be pulling your hair out!

This tends to be the case with Word to eBook conversion. If you choose to convert your Word document using automated conversion software, you'll very likely be required to "code" your book according to a specific style guide before it undergoes conversion. It can be needlessly complex and confusing, and it's probably not something that you, as an author, want to spend time dealing with.

At Publish Green, Word to eBook conversion has never been easier. Style guides aren't necessary because we do the work for you. Our team of formatters will turn your Word document into a beautiful, professional-looking eBook while sparing you the frustration of style guides and pre-formatting.

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