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Spirituality for Our Children

“For a first time author Publish Green really made it easy. The Message Center was easy to understand and use. I was able to work at my own pace and when necessary direct phone calls were made. I always felt they were responsive and cared whether I was happy with the outcome. The formatting of my ebook came out great and my color photos also look sharp and clear. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

— Mary McElhone, Author of Spirituality for Our Children

The Boys of Earth-190

“Many thanks to all of you at Publish Green for formatting my middle-grade novel. You did a fantastic job, and I really appreciate your careful and detailed work. You were extremely helpful and responsive to me during the process, too. My book is now online and I'm looking forward to writing my next children's story. Thanks again!”

— Paul Samuelson, Author of The Boys of Earth-180

“My impression, from start to finish is A+. Every person has been quick to return any of my requests, whether I needed a phone call or email response. They were simply great, caring, informative and professional. I was also extremely impressed with your software. It was extremely easy to use, well thought out, explanatory and made the entire publishing process a breeze. I could go on and on... each comment would be more than positive. I would not even consider using another source in the future. Awesome experience. Thank you.”

— Frank Scott, Author of Numb and Dumb

The Incomplete Ones Book Cover

“I tried getting my book published the traditional way for years. A number of highly reputable magazines used my work but I still could not get past the point where an agent would be willing to read a single page of my novel…so I decided to try my luck with Publish Green. The staff was incredibly personable, treated my piece with the same care and respect that I would have expected if they had written it themselves, and they worked so quickly that they actually finished formatting much sooner than I ever anticipated. The result that they produced was incredibly professional-looking and, ironically, even came cheaper than all the money I’d spent in the past on sending the agents/ publishers SASEs & sample chapters…. The best thing though was that…in the morning, I downloaded Publish Green’s file of my book and, by nighttime, my book had already sold its first copy on Amazon Kindle. With my next book, I will be going straight back to Publish Green without the slightest hesitation.”

— Galina Trefil, Author of The Incomplete Ones: A Tale of Slavery

Bonjour Amigos Cover Image

“For authors new to ePublishing, may I heartily recommend Publish Green and Brandy and the amazing staff for their professionalism, patience and promptness. The Publish Green system is easy and comfortable for those of us with limited computer skills and Brandy is always there when you need her.”

— David Gustafson, Author of Bonjour Amigos

“I usually dread the moment when the creative pendulum swings from writing to publishing, because that’s when I send my finished project to complete strangers and wonder, ‘Will these people approach my work as a heartfelt story, or as a text glob that needs processing?’ Turns out I had no need for such concern with Publish Green. They understood that maintaining good communication is half the battle in making sure an eBook comes out looking like, well, a book. To be honest, I thought I had stumped them when I submitted material that required uniform text presentation in the very non-uniform world of eReaders. Instead, Publish Green’s coordinator tackled the problem and found solutions. The result? A professional layout and a book that appeared in eBookstores virtually overnight. Publish Green is reliable, creative, and most importantly, a company that eliminates the dreaded ‘text-glob approach’ from the publishing process.”

— Daniel Cray, Author of The Reality Meltdown

“I wish to stand and applaud the staff at Publish Green for their outstanding job on my first novel, Look For Me. Due to unfortunate circumstances with a previous publisher that did not offer eBooks, I was left kicked to the curb. I began another search and found Mill City Press and advised them of my situation. They suggested Publish Green. Wow! This company was friendly, professional, and acted quickly to assist me. I cannot thank Mill City Press for suggesting Publish Green or the staff there enough for working like they did to deliver my book to the public. I will be using Publish Green again for the next two novels in this series. Again, another standing ovation to this awesome company.”

— Janet K Shawgo, Author of Look for Me series

“To many, a book—mine is fiction—has to ‘look right’ as well as provide accurate and error-free, easily accessible content. Publish Green advertised something like ‘sensitive humans run their machines.’ That caught my eye. Their patient hand-holding and friendly consultation transformed the essential drawings, pictures, and marginalia in my novel Earth Is Not Alone into an eBook format that even amazed the visitors from elsewhere. I couldn't have been more pleased—with the final product and their patience.”

— John Knapp II, Author of The Earth is Not Alone

“If only all experiences associated with publishing were so rewarding and easy. Publish Green exceeded my level of expectation from the very beginning with their impeccable attention to detail. While their informative website answered a lot of my curiosities about the process, I still had questions about timelines and such, since this was my first foray into the world of publishing. My coordinator answered every question and concern that I had and even went out of her way to further educate me on the business of ePublishing and how it would pertain to my novel. I honestly felt like she was a good friend that was going out of her way to do me favor after favor. I have referred several aspiring authors to Publish Green and I look forward to working with them again. And again.”

— Kenn Bivins, Author of PIOUS

“When we looked to create a digital version of Steady Days—A Journey Toward Intentional, Professional Motherhood, we needed a simple, cost effective solution. We didn't want to spend the time experimenting with the many options for creating an eBook. Publish Green took the sting out of the eBook creation process by providing exceptional and personal service at a very affordable price. From uploading our files to making final edits, to last minute changes (we all have them!), Publish Green was there to support us. Publish Green knows the intricacies of eBook production and the end result is a high quality, user friendly eBook. While there are DIY eBook opportunities out there, we saved signifiant time and costs, and ultimately came out with a superior product, by working with Publish Green.”

— Jamie C. Martin, Author of Steady Days

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