Enhanced Features

Supported eBook Formatting Features

Does your manuscript have sophisticated style elements like sidebars, drop caps, or colored text? If so, Enhanced Formatting is the perfect addition to our eBook Creation service. At Publish Green, complex books are our specialty — we offer some of the most advanced eBook technology in the industry and strive to make your eBook look as much like your print book as possible. We will even present you with a sample chapter so you will always be confident in our work. Check out some of the most common features below.

Nested Table of Contents

Publish Green supports eBooks with complex hierarchies — prefaces, parts, chapters, sections, appendices, etc. Sections can be nested within sections, within sections. Whatever your book's organization, we can make it happen. This hierarchy will be reflected in the table of contents view on all popular eReaders, allowing users to quickly jump to the part, chapter, or section they are looking for.

Nested Table of Contents

Drop Caps

Whether you have drop caps in your print book that you want reflected in your eBook, or you're just looking to add some extra style — formatting these is a cinch for Publish Green.

Drop Caps

Text Borders

Publish Green can create borders around text in your eBook. We even support different sizes, styles and colors – perfect for call-out quotes, chapter headers, and more.

Text borders

Background Color

Publish Green can create a text box with background color or shading. Boxes with background color can even have a border with a second color. These are great for call-out quotes, info boxes and anything in your book that needs a little extra something.

Background Colors


Publish Green supports sidebars with background color or shading, allowing for complex layouts – especially useful for breaking up information in reference books and other non-fiction.


Color Text

Publish Green can support text in virtually any color – take advantage of the brilliant, full-color displays of the iPad, NookColor, and Kindle Fire.

Colored Text

Complex Lists

Publish Green can create lists using Roman numerals and letters – both upper- and lowercase – as well as numbers and bullet points. Lists can be nested to create complex outlines that use multiple list types.

Complex and Nested Lists

Please note that not all features are supported on all devices and formats. In cases where a feature is not supported on a particular device, Publish Green will create a modified version of the feature for that device.