PDF to eBook Conversion

Converting a PDF to an eBook can be a very difficult process. PDFs often require extra time and attention to achieve the same level of quality as a book converted from a Word Document—luckily, Publish Green is here to help.

Trying to convert your PDF to an eBook can be a frustrating experience. The free eBook conversion options out there will run your book through automated software that can render the resulting eBook unrecognizable. Many eBook conversion companies simply refuse to take PDFs, or they will take them, but won’t guarantee the results—they, too are using automated software.

Automated PDF to eBook conversion can leave your book a mess if not properly executed. Computers don't exactly "understand" PDFs in the same way that your human eyes can. While you see pages of easy-to-read text in a PDF, computers will often only understand parts of the entire book. When this happens during the course of PDF to eBook conversion, the final result is often an eBook file that is filled with errors: run-on sentences, broken paragraphs, and missing punctuation. These are just a few of the common mishaps that you could experience if you convert your PDF to an eBook using automated conversion. Many companies take the same “meat grinder” approach and charge for conversion that never even receives a human glance.

Publish Green solves the PDF-to-eBook conversion problem. Simply upload your PDF—no restrictions, no specifications—and our professional, human formatters turn it into an eBook that looks neat, clean, and professional. It’s that simple. You don’t need to worry about missing words or paragraphs, extra spacing, or sloppy formatting. Hand-formatting avoids these errors, since a human formatter looks at your original book and shapes your eBook accordingly. Unlike with automated conversion software, you get to see your eBook and request formatting changes—we are not done until we get your final approval. There is simply no comparison.



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