We know a thing or two about eBook Marketing

eBook Marketing Services

We offer a wide variety of marketing services specifically designed to get eBooks in front of potential readers. We help you leverage the power of the internet with proven, highly targeted digital marketing techniques.

A Virtual Blog Tour for your eBook

Digital Book Reviewer Program

Your book available to over 88,000 reviewers.

Digital Book Reviewer Program

Amazon is huge, and a little extra exposure can go a long way

Amazon® Exposure Program

Want to actually get noticed on Amazon? This program helps interested readers find your book.

Stand Out on Amazon

Goodreads Advertising Campaign

Goodreads® Advertising Campaign

Get your book in front of Goodreads users most likely to be interested in your work with a Goodreads Advertising Campaign.

Your eBook On Goodreads

An eBook Trailer could just be the thing to set your eBook apart

Book Trailer Service

Leave potential readers asking for more with our book trailer service.

Book Trailer

Author Branding Package

Goodreads® Page

Let us develop your Goodreads Page to help establish your presence on Goodreads.

Your Presence On Goodreads

Creating a Website to sell your eBook is the best start

Custom Author Websites

Create a professional image with an author website. You can also sell your book through your own website, cutting out the expensive resellers!

Book Website

Creating a fan base and collecting likes on Facebook can really help your eBook's exposure

Customized Facebook® Fan Page

We are able to take the Facebook author page a step further and create a custom design centered on your book.

Facebook presence

Facebook advertising can significantly increase traffic to your fan page or website

Facebook® Advertising Campaign

This very popular service allows us to target Facebook users by age, location, and profile interests.

Facebook Advertising

Let us design a custom Twitter page for your followers

Customized Twitter® Page

Let us set up and design your Twitter page with a customized, themed background.

Your Book's Brand on Twitter

Author Branding Package

Author Branding Package

We can help you build your author brand and increase your exposure with our brand building marketing services.

Online Author Brand

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