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Getting Started

I just bought a package, now what?

What are Author Tasks and how do I complete them?

What is the Message Center?

Is there any required software?

What are Questionnaires for?

What are BISAC codes?

How should I price my eBook?

When do you start formatting my book?

How do I change my account information?


Why doesn't my eBook look like my print book?

I've downloaded my eBook for review and I need help.

Where is my eBook's cover?

Where is the Table of Contents?

I'm trying to view my eBook, and can't get it onto my device.

What design limitations do eBooks have?

Why can't you make an eBook with multi-column text?

Can my eBook have color?

What is a "supported feature" and why can't you support something that is in my print book?

I don't understand why my eBook can't have the same layout as my print book.


Is there anything that cannot be an eBook?

Do I need a cover?

What about images?

Do I need to design my book before you turn it into an eBook?

How should I price my eBook?

Packages & Cost

What are your packages?

How much will this cost?

What are additional fees for?

Why do editorial revisions have a cost and take more time?

Copyright Protection

Do I retain all the rights to my eBook?

Do you copyright my eBook?

What is DRM?

Can you disable eBook lending?

eBook Formatting & Conversion Process

What is eBook formatting, exactly?

What are MOBI & EPUB?

How long does it take?

What is "Rush Formatting"?

What is PDF Conversion?

Do I get to see my eBook before you distribute it?

How is creating an eBook different from creating a file for print?

What steps are involved in creating an eBook?

What is Fixed Layout Formatting?

eBook Distribution

Where will my eBook be sold?

When will my eBook be for sale?

Can I make changes to my eBook after it's been listed online?

Can you track how many copies I sell?

When will I be able to view my sales reports?

Can you track how many people are looking at my eBook online?

How long will you keep my eBook in distribution?

What if I don't want you to distribute my eBook?

eBook Royalties

How much can I expect to earn?

How often will I get my royalty payments?

Why haven't I received my royalty check?

Can resellers discount my eBook?

What percentage does a retailer take?

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