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Effective Social Media Tools for Authors

If you find yourself turning the other way because social media intimidates you and you want nothing to do with it, turn back around and take a few minutes to hear us out. We’re sure you know that there are a lot of people using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but did you know that Facebook alone has over 1 billion users? It goes without saying that a good chunk of these users like books as much as they do posting status updates or Tweeting! This makes Facebook and Twitter effective social media tools for authors to utilize. Your job is to now reach these readers and get them interested in your book. 


Let’s first tackle how to use Facebook to optimize your marketing strategy. Facebook is a great place to keep in touch with friends, play games, and post pictures of your life’s events. But it has also become an effective social media tool for businesses and people to promote themselves or their company. On these Facebook Pages, people (like authors) can have more direct interactions with their fans and can keep them up-to-date on new projects, events, or contests they are hosting. Fans can post comments, like your updates, and ask you questions related to your book.

One thing we highly suggest is having a link that will bring users directly to author website if you have one. This will give fans the opportunity to learn more about you and your work, and direct them to where they can purchase your eBook. At Publish Green, creating Facebook Pages for authors is one of the marketing services we offer. With this service authors get a professionally developed Facebook Fan Page designed around their work.

Authors have the option to either create a Facebook Author Page or a Facebook Book Page. If you only plan on publishing a single eBook, a Facebook Book Page works perfectly fine, however if you plan to write more than one eBook, we recommend creating an Author Page so your page name isn’t tied to just a single title. Either way, your Facebook Fan Page should contain your eBook cover, author photo, and biography so that fans will have no problem distinguishing your page. With Publish Green’s Customized Facebook Fan Page Service, you receive other benefits that will better help you promote your eBook once the initial setup is done!


Next let’s dive into Twitter. Much like Facebook, an author’s Twitter page should match your book. Since your Twitter page is meant to be professional rather than personal, you need to make sure what you post is relevant to your book and that you update it on a regular basis. You can make your own schedule, but whether you post daily, weekly, or monthly, you should be consistent to make Twitter an effective social media tool.

Remember that just because your Twitter page is professional doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! You can tweet about articles you find, blogs you like, or retweet the people you are following. While a good portion of your tweets are related to your book, events you are hosting, new projects, etc, a large chunk should also include interacting with other Twitter users. Twitter is an interactive community, so engage with others by commenting, favoriting or retweeting their Tweets. This will show others that you are interested in what they have to say, and can be an effective way to gain followers.

Publish Green also has a Twitter Page marketing service for authors, in which we develop a professional page for your book. You can visit our Customized Twitter Service Page to learn more about it and the other benefits you will receive to help you promote your book on Twitter.


Facebook and Twitter are just two effective social media sites you as an author can take advantage of. We recommend if you are new to the social media game, start off small and become comfortable with these two sites. Before long, you’ll be posting and Tweeting with ease!

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