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Using an eBook Trailer to Promote Your eBook

A few minutes: that’s all that it takes. A few minutes to grip an audience and leave them craving more. Movie trailers create an excitement in people that leaves their inner voices yelling, “I must see this movie!” If a trailer can do this for a movie, why not for a book? With today’s technology, this notion has now become a reality. Now, with the help of others or on their own, authors are able to create eBook trailers that create buzz for their book.

An eBook trailer is an innovative marketing technique that authors can use to help promote their book. Much like a movie trailer, an eBook trailer can create anticipation for the eBook before it is released. Typically, eBook trailers are one to two minutes long. That’s just enough time to get viewers excited and have them marking their calendars to save the date of your eBook release. All it takes is a mix of images, text, music, video, and maybe even voice over and you’ve got a great eBook trailer that you can add to your social media sites for viewers to watch. Depending on your eBook content and your budget, your trailer can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be.

Once your eBook trailer is finished, there are several places you can share it, including YouTube, your social media sites, and your author website. If you already have an Amazon Author Central account on, you can share your eBook trailer there as well!

Publish Green works with our authors to brainstorm ideas for what direction, feel, and content their eBook trailer should have. No one knows a book better than the author, so we work to make sure we translate your vision as best as possible. First, we make a rough cut eBook trailer and then allow you to view it and make whatever revisions you want. We then take your revisions and transform them into a magnificent final product that you can upload and share to your fans.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few samples from our repertoire:

"Bloodspell" by Amalie Howard
"Here By Mistake" by David Ciferri
"From Every Bitter Thing" by Robert Rice

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